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SourceLiuzhouNewsNetwork    Updated2020-06-07 12:02:54



  The opening ceremony of the 2019 China Internet Media Forum.  [Photo/thepaper.cn]

  On July 29, the 2019 China Internet Media Forum opened in  Tianjin.

  With the theme of "Convergence and Change: A New Leap in the Development of China's Internet Media", 258 internet media outlets and 800 guests from all over the country attended the forum, and discussed on topics such as the development  trend of internet media in the new era, strengthening the construction of online content and promoting innovation and change in content, technology, industry and international communication of internet media, with an aim to promote the development  of media convergence and to build a platform for communication and cooperation.

  The forum concluded on July 30.

  Editor: Tommy Tan.


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